Why Book Clubs Count

I read a wonderful article in the newspaper today about book clubs that are popping up like daffodils all over the country. These seemingly small groups of six to twenty people get together out of love for the written word. It’s a social club filled with wonderful people who appreciate quality writing and good stories. It made me think of a Des Moines Book Club, which consisted of several women who graciously read the first draft of my first manuscript.

Just like the article in the paper, the women of the Des Moines Book Club were brutally honest in their reading, which not only gave me a better sense of my story, but caused me totally rewrite parts of the book so the reader might better understand what was rolling around in my head. It was a lesson well learned.

So to book clubs across America, thank you for your honesty. Writers need your input and your reviews. Thank you for the generosity of your time, as you make us better writers.

Here’s a short tribute to those of you in book clubs, whose importance cannot be denied, from the poets and writers you support!

by Beverly McLaughlin

The biggest
On the library shelf
is when you suddenly
Find yourself
Inside a book-
(the HIDDEN you)
You wonder how
The author knew.


What God says:
Psalm 139:4 “Before a word is on my tongue you, LORD, know it completely.”

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