The Button Legacy: Emily’s Inheritance On Sale 7-24 to 7-28 on Amazon

For those who wish to grab a copy of my least release, The Button Legacy: Emily’s Inheritance, now is the time! Amazon is running a Kindle deal at just .99 cents from July 24 through July 28!

When you are finished reading it, don’t forget to post a review, as authors everywhere so appreciate the words of their readers!





Join Me on My Blog Tour This Week!

Today begins the blog tour journey for The Button Legacy: Emily’s Inheritance!

Join me today at Lisa Haselton’s Review at  and leave a comment!

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For the next several days, my book will be featured on the following blogs. On July 23, I will be a featured guest on Ally Bishop’s Upgrade Your Story podcast and July 24 I will be featured on The Rebecca L. Maham Radio Show. Join me throughout the week for giveaways and great conversations, won’t you?

I grateful to so many people for hosting me and allowing their readers exposure to my new work! A big thank you to each blogger and to those who take the time to share their questions and comments!

Have a great day!


Is Releasing a New Book ALL You Look Forward To?

A new writer gets in this special place just a to  few times in their lives. This special place is when their new book is released.  Those that don’t understand the writer or the writing process think it is at this moment, this place, that they have achieved their goal. In some ways, the world is right. The writer feels a sense of pride and accomplishment, a thrill at attaining a goal they once thought impossible. Yet, more than that, they have come to appreciate all of those who made the journey along their lonely road.

This week is the release of my new novel, The Button Legacy: Emily’s Inheritance. I am overjoyed to have it out there, and so grateful to people like, my family, my editor, and my book manager stand beside me as it sells. I can’t thank the readers, the bloggers and the tweeters enough, as they are the ones who make or break any author. All we humbly do is what we love…write.

Then I open Facebook and I see a couple of friends who are also releasing their first books. I begin to realize  the joy of  my writing life really takes place when I see their faces, beaming amongst those who gathered to give them launch parties. Every smile is a pat on the back, an encouragement to their success. It’s not about me, nor my release now. It’s about taking the time to lift up my Wilkes cohorts, my friends and other writer’s who have joined me today as we celebrate our dreams.

So, to Barbara Taylor, author of Sing in The Morning, Cry at Night, and Laurie Lowenstein, author of Unmentionables, both published by Kaylie Jones Books, Here’s to you! I wish you the greatest success and lift you both in all my prayers!

It’s Launch Day for The Button Legacy: Emily’s Inheritance!

It’s an exciting day for me as my latest release, The Button Legacy: Emily’s Inheritance, is being launched! One thing I will note is that this is a Sunday, and for me, a precious day to thank the Lord for the good things he has blessed me with! Now, I have a chance to say thank you to the many followers, bloggers, interviewers and readers who are joining me on this special launch week! Please watch for daily updates as to where I will be next and take time to comment back to those who support writer’s!


There will be a drawing each day for an electronic copy of The Button Legacy: Emily’s Inheritance, so be sure and comment here, sign up for updates, tweet, blog or visit the Goddess Fish Party!

A special surprise will await one winner at the end of the week!

So come on, click here to see the book trailer

and join the party!VBT_TheButtonLegacyEmilysInheritance_CoverBanner

Here’s to the Readers/Bloggers/Reviewers Everywhere!

I received a nice note from a friend who told me she had just read an interview I had done with Nancee M.  of  the Perspectives by Nancee blog. It gave me pause, as authors often do guest posts and interviews with people. What was particular about this interview was that Nancee was true to her word. She not only generously posted the interview, but she emailed me privately many times with encouraging words asking nothing for herself.

This woman, along with so many readers, bloggers and reviewers out there have no idea of the impact they make on other peoples live. Instead, they go around selflessly offering to review or allow an author to post as a guest on their blogs and then go out and tweet or  post their reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Deeper Calling, Goodreads, etc. as a way to help the authors promote the book.

Their kindness is unsurpassed.

I was feeling a little down before I got the notice that this interview had been posted. Now I am feeling humbled. Thanks to all of you who perform this wonderful service and ask nothing for yourself. I know Nancee does this as a ministry, a way to forward well-written, wholesome stories that proclaim God’s goodness. Others do it as a hobby. Thank you to all of you who graciously give of your time!

I would be interested to know why others might help out an author they have never even met. Why do so many readers/bloggers/reviewers do this?