Is Releasing a New Book ALL You Look Forward To?

A new writer gets in this special place just a to  few times in their lives. This special place is when their new book is released.  Those that don’t understand the writer or the writing process think it is at this moment, this place, that they have achieved their goal. In some ways, the world is right. The writer feels a sense of pride and accomplishment, a thrill at attaining a goal they once thought impossible. Yet, more than that, they have come to appreciate all of those who made the journey along their lonely road.

This week is the release of my new novel, The Button Legacy: Emily’s Inheritance. I am overjoyed to have it out there, and so grateful to people like, my family, my editor, and my book manager stand beside me as it sells. I can’t thank the readers, the bloggers and the tweeters enough, as they are the ones who make or break any author. All we humbly do is what we love…write.

Then I open Facebook and I see a couple of friends who are also releasing their first books. I begin to realize  the joy of  my writing life really takes place when I see their faces, beaming amongst those who gathered to give them launch parties. Every smile is a pat on the back, an encouragement to their success. It’s not about me, nor my release now. It’s about taking the time to lift up my Wilkes cohorts, my friends and other writer’s who have joined me today as we celebrate our dreams.

So, to Barbara Taylor, author of Sing in The Morning, Cry at Night, and Laurie Lowenstein, author of Unmentionables, both published by Kaylie Jones Books, Here’s to you! I wish you the greatest success and lift you both in all my prayers!

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