Okay, I’ll admit I’m not knowledgeable about the process editors and agents go through in choosing what books they decide are winners and losers. But a slightly seasoned writer should understand that we don’t have the expertise to know what we don’t know! So….with that, I’ve been scouting several blogs to gain insight into editors and agents. One in particular I really enjoy is Janet Reid’s “Literary Shark” at http://queryshark.blogspot.com. She is shameless in her honesty, but a hoot! For writer’s like me, who are willing to take a good kick in the pants if my writing isn’t up to par, sending a query letter to Janet Reid and getting a reply is like hitting a gold mind. If she like’s your work, she likes it. If not, you are relegated to the “slush pile” quicker than a muscle twitch. So what has this to do with anything? Well, I’m working on a pitch that I hope to throw in front of her sometime soon. If I can keep her from puking….I win! If I can’t, then I get a good critique that I hope to turn into a teachable moment….I win again! The point is, learn from what the pros tell you. They know good work when they see it. They also know what won’t sell. Get a thick skin now, so you won’t be disappointed later. Don’t take critiques personally. The thoughts of a polished professional will make your writing better one way or the other!

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