We rush about our lives every day, hardly able to stop and take in the blessings God has given us. Today, I stopped, for just a moment, and realized how grateful I am for my life. I have good health, freedom, salvation and family and friends who truly love me. I might not be the next big thing, but I am loved by those who count.

So, to those that might be thinking about all the “things” that have to be done this holiday season, pause for just a moment today and be grateful for what you have. Take a slow breath and think about our military men and women who are so far from their homes, including my own son, who is in Guam today. Circle those you can and pray for those who cannot be with you. In the end, the one moment you reflect with a grateful heart will be something you will remember all season long!

Happy Thanksgiving!


A Big, Fat Butterball!

The decorations for Christmas are up and the countdown to Thanksgiving has just begun. I know there is something not quite right about that, but it is what it is. I’m in a new house and will be doing some entertaining over this holiday season, so I wanted to be well prepared instead of crazy-legged, as I normally am.

With everything in it’s place, I decide to trot to the store for a turkey. Mind you, the crowd at my house will be small, as my son is in Guam and my daughter-in-law is excitedly awaiting her parents arrival. They will be feasting on their own turkey, fixed in the lovely tradition of the South.

And my bird? With only 3 or 4 people, I thought a bird of about 10 pounds would be enough. Plenty of leftovers for the turkey sandwiches we’d enjoy after the afternoon naps.  But just inside the doors of the local Food Lion, I hear a muffled announcement that sounds something like this. “Attention shoppers! Fur ruru rur Thanksgiving rur rur rur turkeys  rur rur fur pound! Buy rurrur NOW!”

A second later, I see every one in line dashing toward the back of the store. Well, I didn’t want to miss anything, so I beat feet down the health food aisle, (the least trafficked aisle in the place,) and round the corner as though I were A. J. Foyt headed to the finish line. People are climbing over each other, tugging medium-sized turkeys from the case and clutching them to their chests as though they homely children.

Not to be outdone, I drill myself under the armpit of a wide-berthed woman and latch onto a piece of plastic mesh I am sure is attached to just the turkey I had come for. All of a sudden, I feel a tug on the other end of my bird. I can only see a pair of big hands, but I know they are connected to my turkey, so I pull. In the meantime, the wide-berthed woman in whom my head is lodged decides on a tiny bird that could pass for a pigeon, just like the old woman standing beside us. As I pull on my bird, I realize from the look on the woman’s face that there are no more to be found. I am having a tug-of-war  under the armpit of this wide-berthed woman, see-sawing back and forth with Big Hands, while this same woman is trying to retrieve a frozen pigeon from the basket of the old woman beside her. I feel the grip of Big Hands start to give way, when all of a sudden, the old woman swings around, her basket hitting the wide-berth woman and knocking her into the freezer with me attached under her arm. My turkey flies loose sending Big Hands into the milk counter and the turkey into Wide-berth. It took several minutes for the horrified crowd to react to the situation, but by the time the store manager arrived, we were all upright again.

Too embarrassed to glance up at the crows or the bird, I tossed my turkey into my cart and ran toward the cashier. $36.63 was the total. A Butterball. Big. Fat. Butterball. All 37 pounds of her.

Let’s just say I’ll be eating turkey until Easter.




What is Wrong With Me?

Today, out of the blue, I decided it was time to start putting up Christmas decorations. What started it was the December article I just completed for Book Fun Magazine. It won’t be out until the end of the month, but thinking about the moment I wrote about gave me a warm feeling. A short time later, I headed to Madison, Wisconsin to surprise my dear niece as she ran her first marathon. Her mother, my older sister, joined me there. As we sat together, talked and laughed, I began to realize how important having those small pockets of time with someone you love really are.

I thought back to the townspeople of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, the home of my grandparents. There are so many good memories attached to that place. I thought about the warm welcome they gave me last year when I returned for a book signing and how important it was to still such love there.

Then on my way into the garage, I found an ornament. It was a fuzzy pair of mukluks that I’d purchased in Alaska the year my grandson was born. Just seeing them made me smile, as that baby is such a light in my life. So, I started dragging Christmas things in the house. I tucked small nativities into my bookshelves and brightly colored snowmen in nooks and crannies for my grandson to discover when he arrives tonight. Hearing the weather might be nasty later gave me the inspiration to tie big red ribbons and wreaths on the fence and trees.

Now the rain has started and I’m staring out the window on November 17 and laughing because the house looks like the North Pole! I know I’m crazy, but I am envisioning my grandson as he plows through the door and says, “What’s that, Tootsie?”

Children make everything worthwhile, don’t they?

As we approach the holiday season, what crazy things do you do?


Are You Being Politically Correct Today? Go Vote!

Well, I just walked out of the voting booth and I’m shaking off the pain and stress of  yet another ugly political barrage.

Fall is flashing signs that fall has arrived everywhere, from the heads of the flowers that are dangling sadly toward the soil to the flashing colors of the trees  cloaking the Blue Ridge Highway. It always gives pause to the beauty of this season and how God has created Fall to show us His power!

Not to bring you down, but its also the time when the politicians descend upon us like nasty swarms of bees. Washington D.C. stands out in the nation as being one to attract these odd balls. Then again, the United States is a country filled with contrasts. We have the leaning left, the dozing right, the hacks, the wanna-be’s and the down right, never-been-out-of-towners who all think they know what is best for the nation. They believe the media, any media, and take what they print as truth! Citizens don’t search out facts and I don’t think the media does either. No one questions the politicians. We allow our elected officials to cheat, slander, lie and act in the most of immoral ways and when they are caught, we give them a “buy” even when they don’t show a lick of remorse. I’m truly amazed!

So this evening, instead of the nasty commercials, the cardboard signs and the debates being over, the politicians will either be gloating or blaming someone else, probably Bush, for something or other, and then…..it will begin all over again, as we wait for the Presidential onslaught to start.

For a nation with screaming opinions and out-and-out lies about fairness and rights and justice and truth, there is no outcry for the Lord, the Creator of  those precious gifts! We have become so easily swayed by being politically postured that God’s truth has been lost. We are a nation without shame and have been lulled into silence because we don’t want to “seem” biased against anything sinful the world has now embraced. We stand quietly on the sidelines while our country picks up steam as they go down the slippery slope of condemnation. We know what is wrong, but we fail to step into the voting booth or write letters of support to those few in Congress who do want to make a difference.

Funny how the devil never needs to hide sin. He just cloaks it in political correctness. 


The Wicked by Ernest Larson

The wicked prosper, so they say.
As for being good, that doesn’t pay.
It’s said the wicked have more fun.
The good stay home when day is done.
Well, now, I doubt this is true.
The wicked have their troubles too.
The daily paper tells me so.
I buy it so that I will know.
I read the paper page by page,
to learn what sin is all the rage.
and what evil destroys and kills
that fills this world with all its ills.
This about evil can be said:
it causes newspapers to be read.

What God says:
Psalm 21:9

…”The Lord will swallow them up in his wrath, and his fire will consume them.”