What is Wrong With Me?

Today, out of the blue, I decided it was time to start putting up Christmas decorations. What started it was the December article I just completed for Book Fun Magazine. It won’t be out until the end of the month, but thinking about the moment I wrote about gave me a warm feeling. A short time later, I headed to Madison, Wisconsin to surprise my dear niece as she ran her first marathon. Her mother, my older sister, joined me there. As we sat together, talked and laughed, I began to realize how important having those small pockets of time with someone you love really are.

I thought back to the townspeople of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, the home of my grandparents. There are so many good memories attached to that place. I thought about the warm welcome they gave me last year when I returned for a book signing and how important it was to still such love there.

Then on my way into the garage, I found an ornament. It was a fuzzy pair of mukluks that I’d purchased in Alaska the year my grandson was born. Just seeing them made me smile, as that baby is such a light in my life. So, I started dragging Christmas things in the house. I tucked small nativities into my bookshelves and brightly colored snowmen in nooks and crannies for my grandson to discover when he arrives tonight. Hearing the weather might be nasty later gave me the inspiration to tie big red ribbons and wreaths on the fence and trees.

Now the rain has started and I’m staring out the window on November 17 and laughing because the house looks like the North Pole! I know I’m crazy, but I am envisioning my grandson as he plows through the door and says, “What’s that, Tootsie?”

Children make everything worthwhile, don’t they?

As we approach the holiday season, what crazy things do you do?


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