I’m Holding Back a Secret

Off and on, writers find themselves hiding little things. We have story ideas we don’t want to share until they make their way to paper. We hide our thoughts, not because we think someone will steal them, (at least we hope not,) but because they have not fully developed enough to make the idea feasible to others. We hide plots, characters, settings and dialogue for the same reason. When others ask to read our work, it’s not that we don’t want to share it, (okay, maybe we don’t,) it is mostly because we are afraid that it won’t be good enough yet to share.

We pour our souls into our words and when we toss out just a few of our unedited thoughts, those that receive our words may toss back critiques we are not ready for. We knew when we shared our incomplete work that the story might not be near ready for review, yet the clamoring of the requests become like gongs in our ears and we relent even though we know there is much to be done.

When the responses are either too sugary, “It was great!” you know the reviewer loves you, but has no understanding of where the story was headed yet and might not fully grasp the storyline from the few pages you have shared. If they read and then start tossing out names of famous authors they follow and what they did right, well, you know you’ve pretty well lost them as a reader.

So, when writers don’t want to share their work or seem to be putting you off, understand that the work may not be in shape enough for others to read. Be patient, as they want to be proud of their work before they let it go, even to friends and family.

I have one particular story I have been working on for the past several years. It is a short story, only 1600 words or so. I finally sent it out in May….

Be patient and stay tuned…..I’m holding back this secret…..

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