When Art Disappears….

Americans know we are under attack. The hate mongers from the Middle East are bent on the destruction of our people and our land. As a threatened people, we find ourselves taking a hard line against “those” people without remembering that their are some, who value their land, their lives and their history. I, for one, well understand that we must be vigilant without hate, and tolerant without judgment, as well as smart and armed with preparedness. With that in mind, I thought about the arts.

Over the past few years, I have been disheartened to watch the destruction of art, artifacts and historical buildings being lost in Syria. In 2014, a mosque, or what we might know as a church, was destroyed by insurgents as they burned thousands of rare religious documents before destroying the site.

In the coming weeks, I will share stories of the art and architecture that has been lost to historians in an effort to reveal what the loss may mean to our world. As a Christian, I know these material things are just “things.” Yet, as an art lover, I also know the richness I have gained in viewing beautiful works and the understanding I have experienced of various cultures through art as I have travelled around the world.

Maybe, in the greater scheme of things, we all will seek to support the recovery and return of stolen works of art around the world.

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