A Ray of Hope for the World of Antiquities

News has recently surfaced that the government of Syria has advanced on and taken back the city of Palmyra, from insurgent rebels. Palmer is a city once known for beautiful and very historical Roman and Greek architecture and artifacts. It was the center of Syria’s tourism industry.

Sad to say that most of the architecture was destroyed or stolen away, a great loss to art lovers around the world. Thanks to those whose love for art and history had seen enough ahead during the insurgents march on Syria, many priceless objects were removed, copied and sent away to foreign countries for safe keeping until the was is over.

Many of those caring men and women lost their lives protecting the ancient art, including the 81-year-old anthropologist who gave his life to hide the relics.

The retaking of Palmyra does not signal the end to the ongoing war, but it does offer hope to those who seek to hold on to our world’s artistic past!

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