Ginger’s Books

The Button Legacy: Emily’s Inheritance by Ginger Marcinkowski


“My Dearest Emily… When you were a little girl, a change occurred in you. You lost a piece of yourself somewhere….But when you were here in Plaster Rock, you bloomed. The stories we told with these buttons made you smile. With your smile came hope. Repeat the stories you’ve been told to your own children, never forgetting that God was there in every situation, in every story held inside this box…” Growing up, Emily Evans of Run, River Currents had always shared a special understanding with her grandfather, John Polk, even when she couldn’t fully see beyond the darkness of her father’s abuse. Yet John looked to the future in faith to what his God could do. Years after her grandfather’s death, the unexpected delivery of the decorated tin, still brimming with odd-colored buttons, unlocks the joyous memories and lets Emily realize she has finally discovered the secret her grandfather promised lay within the stories of the worn button box. Told through the eyes of a godly grandfather, The Button Legacy laces together a godly heritage and the power of one man’s prayers, offering a lesson of how God’s grace can be seen even in the simplest thing–a button.




RUN RIVER CURRENTS by Ginger Marcinkowski


An amazing book…Run, River Currents is one young woman’s heart-wrenching story of pain and abuse, rage and resentment…and her life-changing struggle to learn the power of unconditional love. A must-read. –Jim Jordan, filmmaker and award-winning celebrity & fashion photographer (ElleMarie Claire, Vogue)
Two strong, opposing forces run through Run, River Currents–one of rage, violence and shame, the other of grace and redemption… Set along the beautiful yet life-claiming Tobique River, Ginger Marcinkowski’s novel is graced with narrative profluence and lyrical descriptions. It will leave you drenched, breathless, on your knees and gasping for air. –Sara Pritchard, author of Crackpots (a New York Times Notable Book of the Year) and Help Wanted: Female (2012-13)
Stories must be told about children who are scarred by their parent’s hands. This is a tale of the victimization of innocents, of forgiveness and redemption, that you won’t be able to put down until the last line of the last page. –Gale Martin, author of Grace Unexpected and Indie Excellence finalist Don Juan in Hankey, PA
Marcinkowski’s talent is for breathtaking detail and exquisite turn of phrase. She knows when to employ, with stunning impact, a single shocking action that turns the tide of a character’s life for good. –Lenore Hart, author of The Raven’s Bride and Book of the Month Club selection Becky: The Life and Loves of Becky Thatcher


Summary of RUN, RIVER CURRENTS  As the last of the mourners departed the ornate Catholic Church, Emily entered a side door unnoticed, walked to the coffin, and punched her dead father in the face. “You’ll never be dead enough,” she whispered. “Never.” Determined to recover from the hands of a father who sexually abused her and an emotionally distant mother, twenty-seven-year-old Emily Evans seeks the peace she’d lost in her youth. Yet, shattered by the betrayal of those she was taught to respect and love, she fears that she may never overcome the devastating effects of generations of abuse. Will she ever let herself truly open up to the power of unconditional love? Set in the rich backwoods of New Brunswick, Canada, Run, River Currents is inspired by a true story of abuse, pain, and the struggle to find healing and forgiveness.


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