2014 Hampton Roads Writers Conference Musings

It is always fun preparing for a speaking engagement, but when an author has an opportunity to speak to other writer’s it becomes a humbling experience. I will be a speaker at this year’s Hampton Roads Writer’s Conference in Virginia Beach, VA.  The conference is put on by an all volunteer staff whose goal is to encourage new writers. We were there, sitting in those seats looking wide-eyed at the speaker. Each of us hoped we would one day have the same opportunity to see our books in bookstores and have people tell us that our work mattered.

I take it as an honor to encourage every last writer that will grace my workshops. And so it will be this coming Thursday, September 18-20 when I will work to give good and honest feedback to those who will attend one of the three workshops or the manuscript critique sessions I’ll be leading.

I’m excited to say that one particular manuscript is outstanding and should find a home at this year’s conference! I can’t wait for the chance to see how high this author will go, as the writing sings! Now THAT is what makes it all worth while.

I’ll be in the great company wonderful people, a few I have listed below.

So for those who have never had the courage to follow their dream of writing, remember, we were in your shoes. We know your trepidation. Get a thick skin and throw your work out there. It might land on someone like me, whose greatest joy is to see another writer succeed!

2 thoughts on “2014 Hampton Roads Writers Conference Musings

  1. Ginger, your encouragement and wisdom this past weekend at the Hampton Roads Writers Conference eases the nervousness and apprehension of revealing my own novel to the world someday (soon). Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. It was a joy and an honor to sit in your lectures.


    • Hello Sunny!
      How kind of you to drop a note. It is most appreciated. I have no doubt your work will be published. Feel free as you move on to contact me anytime. I enjoy reading and sharing my knowledge with others, as I learn so much, as well. Don’t forget you can go to Goodreads and register for my free book giveaway and a button bracelet from now until October 12! And thank you again for your kind words. There is joy in serving.


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