Wilkes 10th Reunion Has Begun!

I arrived in Wilkes-Barre, PA a couple of hours ago. The plane was delayed by an hour, but a nice young man named Ryan picked me and a fellow student up at the airport and transported us to the Wilkes Creative Writing Program where all of our housing and scheduling information was waiting. The staff was well prepared for the onslaught of alumni, which has doubled the normal amount of people attending the summer residency. I bumped into an old friend and promised to meet shortly!

Whisked off to my “dorm” room, I landed in Fortinsky Hall, a newly renovated dorm where most alumni are staying. It made me laugh! As usual, knowing I was going to have to supply my “dorm” room with sheets, towels, fans, pillows, etc., I overpacked. When I was dropped off at the dorm with my two, very large, very heavy suitcases and a carryon, I realized that my shared room, (with author buddy, Gail Martin,) was on the third floor! Guess what? No elevator! You had to have been here as I dragged, dropped and threw the three pieces of luggage up those three flights of stairs. I am sure a good movie could be made of the whole incident.

When I opened the floor, there were two twin beds, two desks, two small dressers, two small closets and no bathroom. Needless to say, I soon found out that the bathroom on this floor of about 13 rooms is shared! Talk about funny!

Gail should arrive shortly, but everything is so clean and nice. I’m sure this place beats a LOT of the hotels I’ve stayed in when I was traveling! It’s like a girl’s week! Tonight we head to hear a few of our past instructors read, a real treat for all of us!

Nothing like meeting up with old friends! Can’t wait for what is yet to come!

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