Here’s to the Readers/Bloggers/Reviewers Everywhere!

I received a nice note from a friend who told me she had just read an interview I had done with Nancee M.  of  the Perspectives by Nancee blog. It gave me pause, as authors often do guest posts and interviews with people. What was particular about this interview was that Nancee was true to her word. She not only generously posted the interview, but she emailed me privately many times with encouraging words asking nothing for herself.

This woman, along with so many readers, bloggers and reviewers out there have no idea of the impact they make on other peoples live. Instead, they go around selflessly offering to review or allow an author to post as a guest on their blogs and then go out and tweet or  post their reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Deeper Calling, Goodreads, etc. as a way to help the authors promote the book.

Their kindness is unsurpassed.

I was feeling a little down before I got the notice that this interview had been posted. Now I am feeling humbled. Thanks to all of you who perform this wonderful service and ask nothing for yourself. I know Nancee does this as a ministry, a way to forward well-written, wholesome stories that proclaim God’s goodness. Others do it as a hobby. Thank you to all of you who graciously give of your time!

I would be interested to know why others might help out an author they have never even met. Why do so many readers/bloggers/reviewers do this?

One thought on “Here’s to the Readers/Bloggers/Reviewers Everywhere!

  1. Ginger, I’m so touched that you wrote this blog. I am humbled, to say the least. It has been my pleasure to work with wonderful authors, publishers, publicists, and Book Fun by sharing my thoughts regarding the books I read and review. I need to apologize for a mistake in my Facebook post. I was putting together my Facebook blog announcement when my 3-year-old granddaughter distracted me, and I listed “The Button Legacy – Emily’s Inheritance” incorrectly. I’m so embarassed after you have given me so much credit! I discovered the error this evening and changed it. Please accept my apology, and thank you for touching me in such a very special way through your blog. It makes reading and reviewing even more of a blessing just knowing that you appreciate what I do out of a love of reading. Promoting excellent Christian authors is my pleasure!


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